What I can offer you...

Web and Video are my strong games! My web career has been quite diverse working with clients with 6 figure businesses as well as 5 figure businesses which require a more vast knowledge of a variety of marketing technologies.

Usually when I speak to you about my services I really start the conversation with a whole list of questions about who you are what you’re business is and what level you’re working at. Each level of business requires it’s own particular strategy and technologies. That will largely determine how I approach working with you and what services I see will most benefit you.  Let’s have a look ->

Web Magic

Websites Built for Outreach

One of the big problems in technology and mainly web technology is that obsolescence is the norm. And building a website is an important investment, you want it to retain it’s value. I build your websites with 2 things in mind:

  • Being future proof
  • I build websites that will grow with your business and keep abreast of all the latest marketing technologies.

WordPress does all of this and more!

Click here to see an example of a complete website

Splash/Optin Pages

Splash pages and optin pages are created for one purpose, to build your email list. They are usually created around a campaign of some type that will help your tribe get to know, like and trust you.

Splash pages are often used in front of a website and will give away a free gift in exchange for the visitors email address. I can build your optin/splash campaign from A – Z so that everything works and everything is tracked.

Click here to see an example of a splash/optin page

Sales Pages

Sales pages are also created for a single purpose and that is to sell a product or service. They are usually much longer than a splash page and follow a certain formula or tell a “sales story” which lead people to the desire to buy.

The content (or copy) for a sales page is created by a copywriter or someone experienced with writing marketing content. Then I take the copy and make it into design.

Click here to see an example of a sales page

Video Product (or Service) Launches

The Product Launch formula was created by a prominent internet marketing genius named Jeff Walker (See his book here). The Product Launch formula is a way of creating Know, Like and Trust with your followers through the use of a video campaign which “drips” content to them over a period of time. The sale is made at the end of that campaign. This formula has made millions for many businesses looking to promote their product or service

I am an expert at handling all of the technical details with setting up one of these campaigns.


Telesummits are the ultimate Joint Venture endeavor when it comes to building your list. The “Host” of the telesummit will address a common problem business owners struggle with and then ask their colleagues to join them on webinars or teleclasses to talk about that specific problem. Those calls are then recorded and then are sold as part of an upgrade package for people who have opted in for the “free calls”.

Video Magic

Video Promos/Editing

You’ve got something to say or a product/service to tout and you want the message to be effective. A video promo can do that for you with the use of powerful graphics and dynamic editing that give the message a whole new level of impact.

I am an expert at video editing and production and can help you gain the impact you need.

Click here to see an example of my video promo work

Event Video Production

Recording your event and producing it as a product is a great way to create your passive income. I can professionally record your event to video and prepare it for digital distribution.


Livestream is a great way to double your audience for any event you produce. You may have 20 – 80 people at your event and then the potential to either match that or double that with Livestreaming the event across the planet. That is also the potential to double your sales!

Livestreaming your event requires a combination of web and video technologies and I can provide all of these for you.

Telesummits are a huge undertaking which requires a team to pull it off. A virtual assistant will handle all of the administrative tasks of the Telesummit and I will design the web pages needed for each piece of the Telesummit.

Click here to see examples of Telesummit pages