Mindfully Nourished Course Sales Page

Carley Hauck has been teaching this Mindfully Nourished meditation course at Stanford and in businesses around California for quite a while. But the commute to Stanford and other locales has just gotten exhausting for her so how about taking it online? Well, my job was to create a sales page that would take that classroom…

Women Rock Project

This was such an exciting project to be a part of. An library of real women talking about their lives and what their passionate about and so much more. Sherry Brier, the owner was wonderful to work with, we were like kids in a candy store collaborating on the layout and the design and just had a ball!

Arts Educated – Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler is a passionate and active voice for the delivering of music curriculum in schools. She has several programs that deliver content and help teachers and parent volunteers teach that content. Amazing stuff.

Take Command Event Sales Page

Maggie Ostara, PhD teaches visionary entrepreneurs how to gain visibility and develop business acumen so that they can create lucrative and leveraged, soul-inspired businesses, the income they deserve, and the impact they have always wanted.