One of the great things about WordPress is that it’s a super secure platform and if you install a few choice security tools you can really make it hack proof. BUT, one of the most important pieces that most people miss when talking about a secure website is that of backup.

Are you backing up your website? I hope so!

Because truly you can make your site super secure and super hack proof but what if something goes wrong? What if your web master installs a new tool in WordPress and it wipes out your entire site or your database? Yikes, that is truly a disaster especially if you’ve got a couple years worth of blog posts on your site. You would not want to lose all of that!

But what if I told you there was a super easy, super affordable and super automatic way to back up your WordPress website that would make restoring your site a job of 45 minutes versus weeks or even months?

There is a solution and that solution is called Backup Buddy by iThemes. It’s a tool I use on all of my client sites and it makes either transferring or restoring an entire website a breeze!

I created a short video to show you some of the benefits and features.

By the way I receive no compensation or commission from iThemes for touting their product. I just think it’s awesome and everyone should use it!

Let me know if you’re backing up! Comment below!


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