Got this tip from Terry Green at Biz Ease Support:

Do you create webinars, teleclasses, recorded audios, podcasts and other recorded audios and are looking for other ways to market them?  One key way is to transcribe them to written format and use them for article marketing, blog posts, social media sites and many other web mediums.

But you don’t want to transcribe them yourself!  No way!

Now there’s a couple of services you should know about that are going to help immensely with that.

Speechpad is touted as “Simply the Best Human-Generated Captions and Transcriptions. Delivered on Time, Every Time”.  It works very simply, you upload the audio files (they accept almost any imaginable file format) to their servers and then they transcribe them using a unique combination of human and machine based technologies.  The written document is then emailed to you when complete.

The pricing varies depending on how soon you need the documents.  24 hours = $3.00/minute; 48 hours = $1.50/minute and 1 week is $1.00/minute.

Scribie works similarly only they just use human transcribers.  They do tout an “Advanced Four Stage Process To Guarantee 98% Accuracy”.  The process is similar to Speechpad; you upload the files and they get to work.  Scribie does promise a little bit better turnaround time for the price and even gives a price break for a whole lot of timing flexibility: 7 – 30 days = 0.80/min, 2 -7 days = $1.00/min, 12-48 hours = $1.50/min and 8 – 12 hours = $3.00/min.

Scribie also has some cool tools and features available like an online editor, real time monitoring of the transcribe process and a Quote Calculator.  Cool!

So, expand your horizons and your “marketing channels” and get those audios transcribed!





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