For many years now I have been working with clients building websites but also, most importantly, helping my clients to build websites that also build their email lists which brings in new clients.

I would say that about 90 – 95% of my new clients come to me with an already somewhat sizable email list that’s been built in the traditional way inside of a free or super low cost service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. This has usually been done by meeting with prospects in person and having them sign a little sheet with their name and email.

Let me start off by saying that in my opinion Mailchimp and Constant Contact do not offer the kind of technologies that will support the current marketing strategies out in the world today. In fact, I have experienced serious frustration with both of these services in just employing super simple optin campaigns.

From a marketing perspective I highly recommend that you do not use either of these services if you’re in a business that requires developing a sizable email list.

So what do you use then?

My recommendation has been, for years, to use Aweber ( to build your list online.

Aweber has everything you need and all the strategies in place to help build your list.

But what if you’re on Mailchimp or Constant Contact already and have a sizable list?

Well it used to be that when you imported your list from Mailchimp into Aweber all of the subscribers who are imported in have to re-optin. That is, when you import them they receive an automated email from Aweber saying they need to “click the link below to confirm your subscription”.

Frustrated womanArrrrggghhh!!! What a pain!! I have done this with clients in the past and they have traditionally lost about 1/2 to 2/3 of their hard-earned list from this! This is called the “double-optin”.

This has been a HUGE stumbling block for my clients to really make things happen in their business.

Well all of this has changed!

Aweber now gives you the option to turn off this “double-optin for new subscribers you import from another service.

OMG this is HUGE!

It makes switching from Mailchimp or Constant Contact (or any other service) super simple and without the risk of attrition.

Have you been afraid of importing your big list into Aweber and would like some help making that happen?

Watch my tutorial video here:

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