Rachel Resnick, besides being one of my favorite clients to work with, is a bestselling author living in LA who has been longing to find a way to monetize and leverage her art of writing and now she has.  She now teaches business owners the very valuable craft of honing and monetizing their message and she does it in a weekend! What’s more important than having a message, one of the first impressions that potential customers have of you, that makes a huge impact.  Rachel teaches you just that!  On this sales page that touted her weekend money making message boot camp we wanted to take her to a new level in her business, a new look and new branding.  Rachel is a bold and fearless coach and I wanted to give that impression with this page.  Rachel’s clients get amazing results through her work and I wanted her testimonials to really highlight that.  The testimonial section is compact but also has modal images that pop up when clicked to give readers the full story.

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