Dana Delong

Dana, similar to Ashanna, is also a Practitioner and High Level Trainer for Clarity Breathwork. She, along with Ashanna is one of the founding members of the Clarity Breathwork community.

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson is a Clairvoyant who helps and educates others in cultivating their clairvoyance. She is highly skilled and out on the edge of culture with her ideas and mission to bring clairvoyance to the mainstream.

Tommy Stoffel

Tommy calls himself and his classes The Chatter Relaxer. He works with you to ease the crazy mind numbing chatter we can all get moving through this very busy world.

Claudine Woo

Claudine Woo works in the medicine development field with some of the largest companies in the world. Her real passion is to give assistance to those seeking a professional career path.

Jesse Goldman

Jesse is a relationship specialist with a focus on “Radical Honesty”. She was a contestant in the Visionary Business contest hosted by Maggie Ostara.