I say that I’m guilty of slackin’ off, sort of, because I have not been on top of sending my regular ezine to you, my loyal readers and for that I am guilty (although I am staying clear of feeling shame).

I am also guilty of not achieving balance in my business between keeping in touch with you and fulfilling my client needs. You see I have a problem and that problem is my business has really expanded in the New Year and for that problem I am extremely grateful.

AND, it brings the question to my mind, how do I, or even how do we, you and I achieve balance in our businesses? And, for now the balance I talk about is the balance between my outreach for new potential clients and fulfilling the current client projects I have already committed to.

I’m not sure what you do, but for me, as a web designer, there are deadlines almost every single day. And many times, I would actually say most of the time, it takes up my entire day. And so how do I keep in touch? How do I squeeze in time to make connection calls and publish my blog and ezine?

It’s a question that I haven’t solved yet as can be seen in my 3 week hiatus from my ezine and any blog posts. Ouch!

This afternoon that I sit down and write this, this is the first real break I have had in about 3 weeks. I have had some weekends off where I could have done my ezine but I just couldn’t get myself motivated and the longer I have waited to work on it the harder it has been to get back into it. Ouch again!

So how about you? Do you experience the same kind of “mis-balance”?

I know I want to get better and I feel really committed to making it work because besides doing the wonderfully creative and fulfilling work of web design and videography, I also LOVE to write and I LOVE to be in touch and make connections. And I LOVE to share what I know so that I can make an impact on other people’s lives!

Hey I think I solved our problem!

We need to remember the passion we feel for this other side of our work. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Tapping into your passion?

So tell me, how about you? Do you achieve that balance?

And if you do, what’s YOUR secret? I would love to hear it!

Warm Regards,



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