When those in the healing arts world start to think about creating their websites, they are often considering the pages they want to have and the information they want to convey about their practice. BUT, they often miss a unique opportunity to keep their visitors and ideal clients enticed and on their website by giving in to these 3 common mistakes:

  1. They make it about themselves:
    This is the #1 mistake I see in new websites.  The owner of the business talks about who they are and what they can offer without understanding what their ideal tribe actually wants and needs.  This takes a bit of work and requires research and investigation.  But, once you understand the language that your tribe responds to and what they stay up at night thinking about you can now begin to create a website where your tribe is the center of attention.  Who doesn’t respond to that?  Everyone wants to be empathized with, to be understood from exactly the place they are.
  2. Just information and no way to interact:
    This one drives me crazy and is really part of the old way the web used to work.  It aligns with the belief that “if you build it they will come”.  The belief says, “hey I just need to put up this information all about who I am and people are going to flock to it and buy my stuff, right?”  Well, Web 2.0 (it’s like 2.75 by the time of this writing!), doesn’t work that way.  You need to have a CALL TO ACTION!  You need to have some way in which people can interact with you, get to know you, like you and trust you.  And there are many ways to do that.  The most popular option and one that continues to work is to give away for FREE your best stuff, your best advice, the thing you think everyone should know and will definitely benefit from.  BUT, not really for free…You give it away in exchange for your visitors email address.  Now you can begin a conversation.  No need to sell them right now, just get to know them, let them get to know you.  Send them valuable tips and advice on the best way to address their issue.  Don’t know their issue?  Ask them!  After they have been on your list for a few months now let them know how they can work with you.
  3. No Dynamic Content:
    If you want to get people to notice you and your business you need to be creating a continuous stream of content that changes regularly, aka “dynamic”.  This does many things: First, it means that if your ideal client is out there in the world and you continue to deliver content out into the world in places where they will see it, the dynamic content means a greater chance of them seeing it.  Also, Google LOVES dynamic content!  It loves to see that your site is active and contributing to the larger good; having a voice that is clear and consistent and in alignment with the values of your website.  YES!  Google does all of that and they continue to get better at it!

There are, of course, so many more things that you can do to entice your visitors and build a strong website, but if you avoid these three mistakes you’ll go a long way toward having a website that attracts your ideal client.

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