Oh my god, I LOVE WordPress!  I think I say that practically everyday because everyday I see a new WordPress tool or plugin that either makes my work life easier or satisfies the ever-changing needs of my clients.  The people who develop WordPress are continuously surprising me with their dedication and commitment to an interface that becomes more user-friendly and more flexible for outside developers all the time.

Why should you build your website on WordPress?  I came up with a list to help you with the decision:

  1. Unlimited potential and immense flexibility:
    Whenever I start the journey with a new client building their website I always like to start off by saying, “If you can imagine it, we can build it.”  And I mean that very literally.  Rarely has it happened where a client will come to me with an idea or a concept and I will have to tell them well, no you can’t do that.  I love the meaning of Yahoo or Y.A.H.O.O: You always have other options.  It is so true for WordPress.
  2. Google LOVES WordPress:
    The developers at WordPress have set up the code so that when Google indexes your website everything in the code it needs to see to index it properly is right where the Googlebots expect to see it, in the right order and in the right place.  And what that means for you is better visibility in Google and that means it’s easier to find you when people need to find you.
  3. Easy to use interface:
    If you know how to use a standard Wordprocessor like Microsoft Word or Mac Pages then you can learn WordPress, it’s that simple and probably more simple than Word or Pages.  Just a few buttons in the toolbar and all of them just for formatting.  And, of course WordPress provides other tools for increasing your visibility and they are simple to use and understand as well.
  4. Developer’s LOVE WordPress
    The community of WordPress developers and theme writers is immense and always seems to be infinite.  And all of them are constantly working to improve WordPress with new plugins and new ways to enhance the beauty of the themes.  What that means for you is more potential for making your web dreams come true!
  5. WordPress is STABLE:
    When I first started working with WordPress back in 2008, it was mighty unstable and it seemed like a regular and almost accepted occurrence that working in the Dashboard and opening pages or posts would lead to a freeze or a browser crash and that was horribly frustrating.  But now, that kind of occurrence is rare and it usually means I have a poorly written plugin that is conflicting with another plugin or the WordPress core.  Usually the crash or hang will happen immediately after the plugin install and so it’s just a matter of removing the plugin and everything is back to normal.
  6. WordPress is SECURE:
    Wordpress on it’s own is definitely not hack-proof but with the installation of a few plugins you can give your site a great defense against hackers and other ne’er-do-wells.
  7. Never obsolete:
    You know how almost everything in this day and age has an inherent obsolescence? Well, believe it or not WordPress does not have that built in.  How do they do it?  Through community and a great team of on-hand developers and with a powerful visionary at the helm: Matt Mullenweg
  8. It’s FREE!:
    What could be better than free?  And with the money you save on the WordPress core go out and buy yourself a beautiful theme.

So now that you know, why would you go anywhere else?

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